Why should I hire a bouncy castle from Bouncing Castles Castles Uganda?

It is a well known fact that kids love fun. Therefore your children will have the time of their lives bouncing on a castle that brightly displays characters from their favourite books and movies. Your party or event will be transformed into a memorable occasion that your children will rave about for weeks. A built in roof is made in our castles,which keeps the sun off your children while they are having fun. The safety meshed sides allow the air to circulate through while you can watch them having fun.

What size are your bouncy castles and how much room is required?

We have measurement for every activity. Please allow extra 0.5m for any space size that is used.

Who sets up the bouncy castle?

The bouncy castle will be set up and dismantled by us.

Can we move the bouncy castle during the hire period?

No, please do not attempt to move the bouncy castle once set up due to safety requirements.

Are the set up and dismantling times included in the hire time?

No, the castle will be set up before the requested hire time starts and we will take it down after the requested hire time concludes. We do request that there is clear access and there is room to manoeuvre the bouncy castle to the set up area.

How long can I have the bouncy castle?

Our standard hire time is a full day. If you require extra time, please contact us to discuss your requirements and ask about our extended hire discount.

What is the latest time I can have the bouncy castle?

It depends on your location and time of the year. Please call with your ideas of time we will see what we can do. We normally close and pack everything by 7pm.

Does someone need to supervise the operation of the bouncy castle?

Yes. For the safety of the children who will use the bouncy castle,a responsible adult over 18-year-old must supervise the jumping castle at all times.

How and when do I make payment?

We require a deposit to confirm your booking. The balance payment is required on delivery and set up of the bouncy castle by cash. Personal cheques will not be accepted within 5 days of the booking. Deposit will be returned if we can’t set up according to the bad weather condition

What is the maximum age allowed on the bouncy castle?

All our bouncy castles have an age limit of 12 years, but Adults are allow to play some Water slides. We recommend that the children who use the bouncy castle are group according to age, and only children who are of a similar age and size are allowed to use the bouncy castle at the same time for their own safety.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is weight limit. The weight limit varies depending on the size of the castle, but generally it is 450kg for the ‘Medium’ castle and 600kg for the ‘Large’

What is the maximum number of children allowed on the castle at one time?

As long as the weight limit is not exceeded we recommend a maximum of 8-13 children on the ‘Medium’ bouncy castles and a maximum of 25 children on the ‘Large’ bouncy castles.

What happens if it rains?

Some castles come with a permanent cover to protect the kids from both sun and drizzle/shower. Children would not be recommend to play under heavy rain. In the case of strong wind or heavy rain, Bouncing Castles Uganda reserves the right to cancel the booking if we feel safety will be compromised. In this case, Bouncing Castles Uganda will contact you promptly on the day to discuss the matter.

What surface can the bouncy castle be set up on?

The bouncy castle can go on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete or paving. i.e. between a changes of surfaces. Please inform us if the bouncy castle will be erected on a surface that does not allow for pegs to be used (i.e. concrete, paving, asphalt).

Can the bouncy castle be in contact with walls or trees etc.?

No, the bouncy castle must be at least half a meter away from any object. If the bouncy castle is in contact with any object, it may suffer abrasion damage. Also there should be a safety issue if the children on the castle make contact with the object.

What happens if we damage the bouncy castle?

If the damage is considered to be malicious, you may have to afford the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired. And we will keep a record of the condition of our castles and we advise you to check the bouncy castle before the delivery person leaves, and note any problems.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Please be aware that streamers, party poppers, bubble machines, silly string, face paint, chewing gum, food and drink MUST be kept away from the bouncy castle at all times. There will be a spoilage / cleaning fee if the castle has the following in it on collection. If the above-mentioned items are in contact with the bouncy castle and it has been damaged, it will be considered malicious and you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired.

Do I need to keep the blower running?

Yes, the blower must be running constantly whilst the bouncy castle/slide is used. If there is a sudden change in weather and there are strong winds, just switch the blower off and let the unit deflate.

Can your bouncy castles/slides be used indoors as well as outdoors?

Yes, we set up bouncy castles and slides indoors for internal hires such as community centres, village halls and all types of indoor venues. We will provide sand bags in these situations to secure the units. There is a need for you to check the height of the ceiling at your venue to ensure the inflatable you have chosen will fit. The minimum space required allowing for the inflation tube and air blower at the back together with the necessary safety mats can be found by clicking on our castle page.

How soon do I have to book?

During the weekends and holiday seasons we will be very busy, , so we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. However, we will accept bookings as late as the same day, so it’s always worth a phone call if you do make a last minute decision.

 I have just booked a castle…. What happens now?

If you have made the booking, we will email or call you to confirm the booking within 24hrs. Then you just have to wait for the hire day to come around. We will call you either on the day of the hire, or on the night before the hire. This call is to touch base with you, and toarrange a drop off time.

You say your bouncy castles have a range of safety features – could you be more specific?

Features including properly designed entry way to ensure that children can enter and exit the castle safely. Our bouncy castle have full safety netting that makes it almost impossible to fall out when children are inside the bouncy castle,which is unlike many standard bouncy castles with an open front or sides.The bouncy castles are firmly anchored to eliminate the risk of tipping over. The bouncy castles have been carefully constructed to meet and exceed the criteria set by Uganda National Bureau of Standards. The power leads and blowers have all met UNBS regulations with regular safety checked and safety tagged by a registered electrician.